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Membership At Lost Rail

The goal of Lost Rail is to create a golfer’s paradise reminiscent of renowned getaways in the Sandhills. The difference? You don’t have to plan your trip weeks in advance. Whether it’s Friday afternoon with friends or Sunday evening alone, here you can play 18 or 36 holes on a whim — with nothing in your way.

Our vision is a small club with 200 Regional memberships and up to 150 National members in three categories.

Founders are those who make a significant capital investment toward construction of the golf course and club facilities. Regional members are those residing locally. National members live outside a 100-mile radius.

Exclusivity enhances Lost Rail’s prestige, but soon enough golfers across America will covet what Omaha has found.

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Lost Rail Golf Club
23300 Cary Road
Gretna, NE 68028